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LGSL 4.4 Released
Here are the changes:

- Added: advanced management for easier editing of large lists
- Added: config option to make advanced management the default
- Added: config option to set the url path manually
- Added: more detailed totals
- Added: message if no servers are assigned to a zone
- Added: check to ensure the config is being loaded
- Changed: arma to use 'mission' for the mapname
- Fixed: problems effecting some half-life and source servers
- Fixed: path detection for IIS based webhosts
- Fixed: offline servers appearing online when using the feed
- Fixed: sort error for zones configured not to show players
- Fixed: the config loading for zones but not the list
- Fixed: game going blank which then caused other problems
- Fixed: list not centered in IE

Posted by Rich on Tuesday 04 March 2008 - 09:27:38 | Read/Post Comment: 0
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