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Standalone Code [ Code that works by itself ]
WiiBalanceWalker v0.4
Author Richard Perry

Wii Balance Walker:
Allows you to use a Wii Balance Board as a foot input device for the PC.

Sends key presses, mouse clicks, and mouse movements, to games and other applications.
There is also an option for the board to act as a joystick if a driver is installed.

Has the ability to permanently pair any Wii device, including Wii remotes,
removing the need to keep re-adding them after a reboot, similar to WiiPair.

Created as a test for controlling movement while wearing a VR headset.
C# source code included for Visual Studio 2010.
Uses the WiimoteLib and 32Feet.Net bluetooth libraries.
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Filesize 365 kB
Date Saturday 01 June 2013 - 21:28:18
Downloads 2611
 10.0 - 2 votes 

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