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Tue Nov 16 2010, 04:04PM
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[FF wrote ...
What a buncha douches. So glad to see you guys get it up the whazoo. You guys make me laugh!!!

No seriously, I am laughing at you.

You want a monitor, figure it out. Took me less then three minutes to do it myself. Guess you must be even more intellectually poorer then I. I did it just to see if it works, and it does.

Honestly, from what I have read on the CoD forums and the GS forums, you would do well to do like so many already are. Cancel your servers, get a refund for the game, and save your money for a good release. Black Ops aint it.

Best free advice you will probably get in your lifetime.


I can understand that you don't like COD blackops because its a problem game so far but a lot of people like me are happy that we have LGSL for our servers and i want to thank people that everytime take the time to make it possible that we everytime have the new games in our LGSL.

But i want to make a monitor for myself if i can do it but i'm a noob in those things:D

So why not make people go YES he did and thank you for it that you made it possible that people can monitor there blackops servers.??



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