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Tue Dec 14 2010, 07:59AM
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MadMakz wrote ...

it still makes no sense to password query informations, unless the devs know that they only produce shit since 3 years and that their engine is so much full of flaws that pulling the query from public would cause the server to lag, but thinking so would just be another epic fail from em 'cause hammering a server with false passwords would knock them out too.
but i don't expect anything else when even the core team leaves the sinking ship.

whatever, activision is a no-go publisher for me since ages (straigt after EA unless they're really just publishing the retails and have no tied investments to the actual programm) so i don't really care about that BO/these CoD issue/s.

i just hate fanboys, if there wheren't those BO probably never had been released, at least not in this short time and with repeating the fail from MW2.
i never understood those kids. i for myself play a game if it's good and not to follow episodes of an franchise, well on RPG's i might could understand it if it has a awesome storyline, but hell i don't care about stories in a, mainly for MP developed FPS game (BF, CoD, MoH all have the same plain "story" in just different settings). but whatever i don't care about CoD, making FPS games a major brand in console gameing is a joke, and it's offtopic anyway.

on the other hand; for indie developers thes failure from major brands couldn't be better!

Fanboys?? Is the a dictionary that defines nerd talk,WTF does that mean? If you knew it was off topic than why even post? I know why.... you have nothing else to do in life,so sad. The people here are just looking for an update to a plugin,we dont want or care to read your personal opinion!

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