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Tue Apr 24 2012, 10:01AM

Posts: 74
Joined: Mon Apr 02 2007, 07:08PM
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Call Of Duty 4 (stock images- animated gifs)
GRAW2 (stock images- animated gifs)
Hidden & Dangerous 2 (+ mods)
Soldiers Heroes of WW2 (stock + lgsl_zone.php fix (in ghostrecon.rar))
Faces of War (stock)
Ghost Recon Classic (stock + lgsl_class.php/ lgsl_zone.php fixes)
SWAT4 TSS (+ mods - animated)

ghostrecon.rar includes improved zone style 'lgsl_list.php'

ghost recon -- fixeed for HX5 / DA49 / Silent killers / Rockall / SOAF / DRx / 8days / 12wks

if link is broken, search nomandown or palyarmerc (I try to stay contactable)

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