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Wed Apr 10 2013, 12:54PM
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I am using both types of your server viewer. 1 of them is in PHPNUKE which works wonderfuly.

Then in trying to use your standalone in my html website using iframe to show the details page for the server.
I have the iframe pointing to lgsl/lgsl_files/lgsl_details.php

I am getting a error LGSL PROBLEM: INVALID SERVER ' : : 0 : 0 : 0'

I have setup the database, and entered all the server info just like I did in phpnuke via admin panel.

all the files are uploaded and im sure im using the standlone version for this.

Ive been bashing my head trying to figure out why its not quing it via the website.

the site is

anyhelp would be appreciated.
Wed Apr 10 2013, 01:11PM

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Joined: Sun Mar 22 2009, 06:53AM
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Hi Stevenb!

I assume you tried to include lgsl_details.php in your home page.
Before including it you need to tell the script which server you want displayed, like this:

$lgsl_server_id = 2;

where "2" is the server id in your database (your quake3 server). Enjoy!

Not working for you?
Don't forget to share the IP/ports of the offending server so that people can do tests and help you.
Oh, and if you're using a modified lgsl_protocol.php, make sure you disable the feed or it may NOT work!
Wed Apr 10 2013, 01:24PM
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Joined: Wed Apr 10 2013, 12:44PM
Registered Member #7649
Thanks for your quick reply

I managed to figure out that if I point the browser to it will display the server list.

I added a link to the front page of the site and created a page to diaply the info for the servers.
Still working on the size of the iframe. But its working.

Gotta figure out a way to put a back button in the list so when they click on the server info they wil be able to click back to return to the list.

Thanks for the info. I wil note it for futher use.

Wed Apr 10 2013, 02:02PM
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For linking to a server details in an iframe, link to:
The details.php is designed to be 'loaded' and not directly accessed.

For a back button, either edit the details.php and add a link with href='..' or to avoid editing LGSL, in the iframe page html, add a button with onclick='frame_name.history.back()'
Mon Nov 25 2013, 04:04PM
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Joined: Sun Dec 12 2010, 09:16AM
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For clarification to users that do not know this, lgsl is designed to load lgsl/index.php

it will choose which file to load from there depending on the s value

so if you have lgsl/?s= any number value here it will go to details page called lgsl_details.php and load the info for the server with the id that matches the digit following s=
which if it was lgsl/?s=2 then it would load the details page for the server in the database with the id 2

if you have lgsl/?add then it will load the add server page called lgsl_add.php (if enabled then users will be able to add their server)

if you have lgsl/?s= anything other than a digit or add it will load lgsl/list.php

hope this helps some folks.

lack of effort on your part requires less effort on my part
Sat May 26 2018, 03:17AM
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