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Server Details complet disable
Sat Sep 12 2009, 01:49AM
Posts: 1
Joined: Sat Sep 12 2009, 01:28AM
Registered Member #5412
Can i disable the Server Details complete

Thx for your Help
Sat Sep 12 2009, 12:45PM
Posts: 1717
Joined: Wed Nov 26 2003, 04:30PM

There are several ways to disable the details, but not sure why you would want to.

You can either edit the lgsl_details.php and put in a message, or edit the index.php if you want to load another page instead.
Thu Apr 26 2012, 01:45PM
Posts: 1
Joined: Thu Apr 26 2012, 04:59AM
Registered Member #7205
Is there a way to open server details in a new window?
Sat Apr 28 2012, 09:32AM

Posts: 437
Joined: Sun Mar 22 2009, 06:53AM
Registered Member #4938
Sure, you will have to edit line 68 in lgsl_list.php like this:
<a href='".lgsl_link($server['o']['id'])."' style='text-decoration:none' target='_blank'>

Have fun!

Not working for you?
Don't forget to share the IP/ports of the offending server so that people can do tests and help you.
Oh, and if you're using a modified lgsl_protocol.php, make sure you disable the feed or it may NOT work!

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