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Live Game Server List

Status: ONLINE
Connection Port: 14567
Query Port: 23000
Type: bf1942
Game: interstate
Map: training day ii
Players: 0 / 16


Setting Value
_feed_ http://www.greycube.​​
active_mods interstate
allied_team_ratio 10
allow_nose_cam yes
auto_balance_teams off
averagefps 0
axis_team_ratio 10
bandwidth_choke_limit 0
content_check 0
cpu 2966
dedicated 1
external_view on
free_camera on
game_start_delay 0s
gameid interstate
gamemode openplaying
gamename bfield1942
gametype conquest
gamever v1.612
hit_indicator on
hostport 14567
kickback 0%
kickback_on_splash 0%
language English
location 1033
mapid interstate
mapname training day ii
maxplayers 16
name_tag_distance 155
name_tag_distance_scope 360
number_of_rounds 1
numplayers 0
password 0
reservedslots 0
roundtime 7200
roundtimeremain 4438
soldier_friendly_fire 100%
soldier_friendly_fire_on_splash 100%
spawn_delay 1s
spawn_wave_time 1s
status 4
sv_punkbuster 0
ticket_ratio 1000%
tickets1 1000
tickets2 1000
time_limit 120
tk_mode punish
unpure_mods interstate
vehicle_friendly_fire 100%
vehicle_friendly_fire_on_splash 100%
version v1.612

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