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Richard's Software List

Theres lots of software out there, some good and some very bad.

Here is a selection of what I personally have found to be good.

NOTEPAD++ Powerful text editor I use for coding PHP Free
GO OPEN OFFICE Office suite - Extra compatible version Free
FIREFOX Internet Browser with powerful Extensions Free
7-ZIP Compression, Zip, 7z, Rar, and more Free
VIDEO + AUDIO CODECS Recommend K-Lite and QT Alternative Free
MICROSOFT ANTI-VIRUS Easy To Use and Fast Free
KASPERSKY ANTI-VIRUS If you want more protection Pay

EM-ES-ENE MSN Live Messenger Client ( set theme to Live ) Free
XFIRE IM Client with game tracking and tools Free
XCHAT IRC Client Free
PAINT DOT NET Image Editor Free
SUMATRA PDF Fast PDF Reader - Adobe Reader Alternative Free
EVINCE PDF Fast PDF reader - Another alternative Free
CDBURNERXP Burn DVD - Easy To Use Free
INFRARECORDER Burn DVD - Open Source Free
IMGBURN Burn DVD - Another Alternative Free

DVD SHRINK Copy a Movie DVD Free
DVD FLICK Create a Movie DVD Free
MP3GAIN Balances the volume of MP3's without quality loss Free
TAG SCANNER Powerful MP3 organiser and tag Editor Free
FLV EXTRACT Extract the original Audio and Video from a FLV Free
TUBECASTER Downloads and converts YouTube Video to MP3 and more Free
MEDIACODER Complicated converter that can do rotation Free

TAKSI Record game videos - FRAPS alternative Free
uTORRENT Bit Torrent Client with Control Free
TRUECRYPT Encrypt Backups, USB Drives, or an entire Notebook Free
QTRACKER Game Server Browser Free
VIRTUAL DVD Mount ISO and other disc formats Free
VIRTUAL DVD Create and Mount disc images - Handy for games Pay
ANYDVD Used on Media Center to make DVD spin slow and quiet Pay

VIRTUALBOX Run Windows and Linux within Windows, Linux, or a Mac Free
XAMPP Setup a webserver with PHP and MySQL in minutes Free
dnGREP Useful for searching PHP code Free
WINSCP FTP and SFTP Client that supports drag and drop Free

CCLEANER Helps cleanup files and the registry Free
FILE RECOVERY Get back those accidental deletions Free
FILE DELETION Secure erasing of confidential stuff Free
FILE SPLITTER - JOINER Fast and can integrate with the context menu Free
FILE SPLITTER - JOINER For when .000 is the first file Free
TWEAKUI FOR XP Disable Autoplay, Rebuild Icons, plus much more Free

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