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Stuck Samsung Bios Update
Ran the Samsung Software Update, it said a new bios update was available, chose install.
After 30 minutes, the progress bar was still scrolling away doing nothing, stuck, hung, frozen?

I went into Task Manager, and used 'End Process' on sManager.exe which revealed a popup
box that was hidden behind, telling me that AC power is required during the bios update.

Clicked OK, turned on mains power, and ran the updater again, same thing, 30 minutes, nothing.
Updater window was not movable, Alt+Tab revealed nothing, so once again killed the sManager.exe

There was the popup again, but with information on the update, and giving me a final option to say
Yes or No, chose Yes, it updated the bios in less than a minute and rebooted, all working fine.

How annoying is that, all because the bios updater gets launched behind the SW Update window.

Posted by Rich on Tuesday 17 September 2013 - 17:01:54 | Read/Post Comment: 1
Samsung Galaxy S4 Settings
I got myself a S4 to replace my aging HTC Desire, the S4 hardware is great, but software is cluttered so may try a 'Google Edition' rom in the future.
Until then, here are some of the changes I made to make the experience better:

- In Sounds, turn off Touch and Dialling pad sounds, enable vibrate when ringing.
( Too many annoying sounds, the whistle notification being the worst. )

- Enabled developer options, set 'Window, Transition, Animator' scale to off.
( Makes navigating and accessing menus in TouchWiz feel more snappy. )

- Ran S-Voice, settings, unticked open via the home key.
( Removes delay when pressing the home key. )

- Play Store, installed 'Google keyboard', in its settings, set 'Voice input key' to off.
( Better keyboard, and you get a comma key when voice button is off. )

- Application Manager, All, Disabled 'PageBuddyNotiSvc'.
( Gets rid of the 'Recommended Shortcuts' from the tray, since you cannot customize them. )

- Installed 'QuickPic'. Don't disable stock 'Gallery' or camera app freezes after taking a shot.
( Allows you to exclude folders, so that you don't have a gallery of music album art. )

Posted by Rich on Tuesday 16 July 2013 - 18:45:22 | Read/Post Comment: 1
UDK 3 and Rigid Body Physics Headache
I have been experimenting with UDK for the first time, and wanted to share my experiences with basic physics.

Problem: Add a static mesh Actor, start the level, and it's just floating mid air until you shoot it.
Solution: Convert to KActor to get the 'Wake On Level Start' property, or roll your own UnrealScript to call .WakeRigidBody();

Problem: Start the level, watch the KActor placed in the sky fall down through the floor and disappear.
Solution: The default map 'Kill Z' is stupidly set exactly level with the floor. The falling velocity makes the KActor briefly go lower than the floor, causing it it to be destroyed before the collision physics take effect. View the World Properties and set the Kill Zone to something like -9999.

Problem: You want to prevent players from being able wake scripted physics events or use Kismet to wake KActor physics.
Solution: Set wake on start, but set Physics=PHYS_None then use UnrealScript or Kismet to set Physics=PHYS_RigidBody on demand.

Problem: Create a StaticMeshComponent class that extends Actor, you cannot walk through it, but it will Move() through you.
Solution: Along with bCollideActors=true and bBlockActors=true, you must also have CollisionComponent=YourMeshName for it to collide properly.

Posted by Rich on Thursday 30 May 2013 - 17:00:44 | Read/Post Comment: 1
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