Diving into the depths of Water-Cooling

I have recently applied for a new job, and im glad to say that I was offered the position. As a treat I thought its about time I built myself a new PC 😀

When I first built a quiet PC, I had to hunt for parts which were not directly made for the PC, but things have changed, and now there are many products available to reduce noise. Water-cooling kits are a part of this change, once very much a DIY job, there are now quality kits ready to go.

I often thought about switching to water-cooling, but concerns over a leak mixing with electricity has always put me off. But now that products have been tried and tested, and have decided to put my fears aside and give it ago, mainly because quiet air coolers would struggle with the heat produced by the latest hardware.

After looking through many water cooling kits, reading hundreds of reviews, I very nearly got a zalman reserator, but in the end I decided to go with the www.koolance.com exos-al. Its a seperate unit that sits ontop of your PC.

Althought it has fans, its supposed to be very quiet, but it can be very hard trying to gauge from dba readings unless you get yourself a meter and compare what current PC makes.

Im still going through the rest of my PC specs, with so much quality choice now im finding it hard to choose. But will post more as I go along, and plan to take plenty of images 🙂

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