GreyColorViewer 1.1 Released

This is a niche tool to help people with total colour blindness.

For more details about what it does, visit the download page:

Back story of its creation:

A good friend of mine ( Hi Pete ! ) is completely colour blind, in other words he views
the world as shades of grey. After looking at a pie chart, he told me his frustration
when things rely on colour coding.

Out of curiosity I converted various charts and maps to greyscale, and saw for
myself just how confusing they can become. See download page for examples.

I was disappointed at the few bits software available, they were either color pickers, hue shifters for partial blindness, no longer available, or just a pain to use.

So after various experiments and learning about how oddly we perceive colour, this little tool was born. Most importantly it was fun to make 🙂

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