AVOID Lightworks Video Editor

It silently installs an invisible license manager that screws with your PC.

I needed to do some lite video editing and a site recommended Lightworks.
Used by the professionals and a free version? Great! I will give it ago.
Except it fails to mention it requires an account, so immediately uninstalled.

But later noticed something weird, my hard drives were no longer winding down.
( I have a very quiet PC with a SSD, so you hear when drives are spinning )

Fired up ProcessMonitor and see a 'hasplms.exe' constantly polling everything.
Not something I had seen before and no new entries on Programs list.

Quick google search gave me a helpful blog, had to download the license installer
and run it with the purge command. Shortly after my disks spun down. Hurray.
And that's the story of how I wished harm upon developers I have never met.

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