Blu-Ray Software

A friend lent me a blu-ray copy of 'Cabin In The Woods' horror movie, When trying to play it using AnyDVD and MPC, the playback order was scrambled.

Turns out there is a type of content protection where dodgy playlists are added.
You have to use 'Navigate, Jump To' and try to pick the correct .mpls entry.
Either take an educated guess ( shortest over an hour ) or look for a forum post.

I also decided to try some commercial alternatives:
– PowerDVD 13 trial required registration, interface was more horrifying than the movie.
– WinDVD 11 trial required registration, puts you on mailing list, tries to install a toolbar.
– ArcSoft TotalMedia 5 trial, no registration, more than just a player, but I liked it.

None of them would play over my wireless HDMI link or if I was remotely connected, and would to disable aero during playback. So I will be sticking with AnyDVD.

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