Experiencing the Oculus Rift

When I saw the Oculus Rift on KickStarter, my gut instantly told me to back it, and so was lucky enough to be around order 4700. I’ve had my Rift for a couple of weeks, it gives a great sense of scale, and my first reaction was wow! Shortly followed by, oh wow I feel incredibly sea sick…

The head tracking is very responsive, but currently not being able to lean does confuse your brain, so I found keeping a strict upright posture helps reduce the motion sickness. The biggest problem for me is the resolution, things at close range look good, but in the distance it’s like a scaled up NES game. The result is less detailed worlds work better, lots of lush foliage like in Far Cry and any on screen text ends up a pixelated mess. While I knew this when backing, my concern is the consumer version is going to need a truly amazing DPI screen for regular usage.

At the moment I am using my spare time to look at various foot control methods for the Rift, as standing in an immersive world but navigating with your hands just… feels wrong. Ultimately I have high hopes, the Rift does show that VR headsets can take gaming to the next level, and at the very least I hope developers pay more attention to 3D support so the alternatives like NVidia 3D Vision, will also work better 'out the box' for more games.

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