Stuck Samsung Bios Update

Ran the Samsung Software Update, it said a new bios update was available, chose install.
After 30 minutes, the progress bar was still scrolling away doing nothing, stuck, hung, frozen?

I went into Task Manager, and used 'End Process' on sManager.exe which revealed a popup
box that was hidden behind, telling me that AC power is required during the bios update.

Clicked OK, turned on mains power, and ran the updater again, same thing, 30 minutes, nothing.
Updater window was not movable, Alt+Tab revealed nothing, so once again killed the sManager.exe

There was the popup again, but with information on the update, and giving me a final option to say
Yes or No, chose Yes, it updated the bios in less than a minute and rebooted, all working fine.

How annoying is that, all because the bios updater gets launched behind the SW Update window.

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