Ricoh Printer Mystery

Occasionally you get problems that make you really say to yourself WTF???.

After having succesfully migrated DHCP from Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2 SP1
for over a hundred subnets, I get a call saying Ricoh printers on two of the subnets
can no longer get an IP and are defaulting to

Other brand printers, the computers, etc, were all correctly picking up an IP address, just not the Ricoh's, and just on those subnets, even though they were set to DHCP.

After trying various things without luck, I noticed that the affected subnets had a
BAD_ADDRESS 'This address is already in use' entry imported over the old servers.
After deleting the entry and rebooting the printers, they all picked up their reservations!

The bad IP and MAC did not look similar or have any obvious relationship with those not
working, but never the less, removing it fixed multiple Ricoh printers on that subnet.

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