Back from the dead…

I shut the site down quickly after a CMS vulnerability had been exploited, but what started as waiting for a hotfix turned into six years. While it was great that people found my code useful, I was mentally burdened trying to keep it updated and supported, especially for code I no longer needed myself. The site being down gave me a sense of freedom to focus on other parts of my life.

Occasionally I would have a fleeting desire for a space to post my thoughts, or solution to an obscure issue, stuff that didn’t quite fit into StackOverflow or Reddit. Finally I sat down and worked out how to convert the old CMS data to WordPress.

And here we are… Welcome again to my small corner of the internet.

3 thoughts on “Back from the dead…

  1. Urgh,the spam bots, thought I had moderation turned on, but didn’t.

    Cleaned up the crap, and now everything is approval only.

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