Everyone who uses a computer should know what a .zip is

With a bit of luck you'll even know what a .rar is

But when it comes to compressing files, do you ever think about making a .cab ?

You may have seen a .cab as its what windows uses, but ive never considered using it, until a friend told me that he found it used less space that both zip and rar.

So testing this, compressing using I compressed lots of files in the 3 formats and compared the results. To my surprise .cab came out the same or smaller, sometimes a lot smaller, on all the files. Since its a windows standard, most compression software should be able to open them too.

So I say give it ago yourself and see how much time and space you can save when your uploading files. I certainly will be msn'ing cabs from now on.

And Again feels like its turned into a full time job, I used to think 10gb bandwidth was more than plenty, but since running it ive had to get 110gb to handle the mass of downloads. It makes me appreciate what other sites must go through when they start off as little projects and turn popular and get flooded by millions of people.

Ive really not been in the mood for coding, so its going to be a while before any updates happen on LGSL, and to avoid shoutcast sitting in limbo, ill try to get it released so people can use it as it is. Im not looking forward to having to learn how to deal with this querky new e107 security, as I liked the simplicity of it before.

Dispite this, I did actually do some coding, It was being very time consuming setting up a download mirror for each file on is82, so I made a download manager to replace/work along side the default e107 one, so that you only have to setup the file details once, and it will spread the downloads across the mirrors.

I got a new T630 mobile, not exciting news, but its brightened up my life, its fun to be able to take small little pics of things without being pro-actively prepared by carrying a proper digicam with me. The quality isn't amazing, but its more memories. If I remember I might actually upload them to gallery as the one pic has being sitting their by itself since time began.