I was searching for images for a new film called 'Aeon Flux' starring 'Charlize Theron' and stumbled across this wallpaper site that does female celebrities, movies, and cars.


What made this site stand out is its pure quality. All the wallpapers look professionally made, and the majority are available in 1600×1200 res.

I definitely recommend you check it out 🙂

LGSL Updates

Here we go

LGSL E107 2.1 and LGSL-SA 1.5 Are Now Available

Changes are as follows

– Added: neverwinter nights support
– Added: feed system
– Fixed: halo support
– Fixed: handling of offline servers

Hidden Battlefield Columns

I have never actually put this anywhere, but with the number of stats tracking increasing, I thought it would be good to mention it today.

BF1942 returns a players keyhash, and BF2 returns a players ID

But for space reasons, these columns are off in both versions of LGSL.

To turn them on, you have to edit the lgsl_players.php and then

remove the // comment infront //if (isset($player…

HotScripts Listing For LGSL

A lot of people got to know my old HLSL code through HotScripts.com, and now im happy with the quality of LGSL-SA, I decided it submit it aswell.


Its now been approved, so if you bored and have nothing better to do, then you can rate it via at the above link 🙂

LGSL Landmark Version

Now available:

LGSL e107 v2.0 and LGSL-SA v1.4 in the downloads section

Overview of whats changed:

– Fixed the hostnames with symbols being chopped too short
– Fixed halflife settings when packets are sent in reverse order

– Added FarCry support
– Added QuakeWorld support
– Added server and player count to the standalone version

Hopefully this version will keep people happy for a while as I want to focus my attention on some other areas of coding 🙂

PC Problems

I have always found deskstars to be excellent, but I have been very disappointed with the latest hitatchi SATA deskstars as they vibrate like crazy,

When I then had some data corruption and XP intermittently freezing on startup, I decided so order myself a new Maxtor Maxline III.


The maxtor seems much better quality and hardly vibrates at all. But as it turns out the problems were not the fault of the deskstar. I eventually traced it back to the SW-IDE option within NForce4 drivers. After leaving this option off the problem disappeared.

Another issue I had was an Unknown Device in my device manager, with an id of ACPI\ATK0110. After a lot of searching, its a common problem with Asus A8N-SLI motherboards. You need to install the ASUS AI Booster software and that contains the drivers.

While ordering I also got myself more memory modules directly from crucial.com. I would of preferred to have just got an extra 1gb, but the NForce4 chipset is reportedly unstable with 4 modules, and it automatically underclocks the memory speed to 333mhz.


After re-installing windows, I was setting everything up how I like it, and noticed an option within Windows Media Player 10 has disappeared. Normally I untick "start in media guide" which gets rid of the annoying webpage loading. But now instead WMP10 starts up with your previous selection, which is infact far more useful.

LGSL Images

I have re-uploaded both versions of LGSL with some minor changes for
Call of Duty – United Offense

The map images folder was
but it should of had an underscore

Also a note for BF2, due to a memory leak in the 1.01 patch, many servers are going back to version 1.0 which also means that the map names will again have underscores in them. To fix this until a new patch comes out, you can duplicate the BF2 images and add the underscores.


Although I believe e107 is better, I respect peoples freedom of choice, however misguided, and so I have added to the download section a LGSL module loader for PHPNuke.

You can see it in action HERE

LGSL Updates

Its that time again. LGSL E107 1.9 and LGSL SA 1.3 now available

– Compatible with the latest BF2 patch and improved support.

– New handling of custom queryports for the Battlefield Series,
For example, set the port to the default ( 16567 for BF2 ) then LGSL will know to use the default queryport

Set any other port number and LGSL will use it as the queryport, so no more code editing needed 🙂

Also I have fixed the support for the Medal of Honor series.

EnemyDown Rank Update

The edrank menu was broken again because they have changed it so http://enemydown.co.uk is no longer valid, it requires the www prefix.

I have corrected the version in the downloads section, it has the same version number as its such a minor change.

If you want you can just correct it yourself by editing the edrank_parser.php and add www. to $server = "enemydown.co.uk";

As for BF2 I am aware of the recent patch has changed the map names to the original BF1942 style without underscores. I will be releasing an update for it soon.