ECaptcha 1.3

A small update to the ecaptcha plugin.

– Added: submit news protection
– Added: option for forgot password protection
– Fixed: magic quotes problem

Availabe in the downloads section.

0.7 Compatibility

I think its worth mentioning this due to the number of questions asked.

0.7 has been around in CVS form for a long time, and most of my recently updated plugins are compatible.

There are a few that are showing age and need a few minor changes to work at there best with the new e107, and I will do those when I get the chance.

Try the plugin first, and then if you have issues look on the forum as it will have the majority of answers to your problem.

Dual Monitor Wallpaper Tip

Recently experience this at work and thought it would be worth posting incase anyone else experiences the same problem.

If you have dual monitors and have choosen "extend my windows desktop onto this monitor" you may find that wallpaper is duplicated on both monitors instead of spanning across them.

Turns out there is a solution to this, not obvious, but real simple. When you select a new wallpaper, it defaults to 'Stretched' mode, however if you change it to 'Tiled' mode the problem is sorted !

Now you just need to resize the image file so that it matches your monitors resolution.

ECaptcha Update

Version 1.2 is now out, big improvements, so recommend you upgrade.

So whats new ?

– Lots of little code improvements
– Captured post is no longer hidden in form data ( removes a lot of potential problems )
– Audio alternative for the visually impaired ( mp3 + flash to read out the characters )
– Options to use ecaptcha to protect signup and login
– Function that allows plugin developers to call on ecaptcha ( as used by guestbook 3.3 )

As always, feel free to post a test comment here and try it for yourself, including the audio alternative 🙂

Not a Plugin

Looking at the recent news entries, you could be mistaken for thinking this was e107coders, so thought id take a moment for a more general post.

I hope you all had a good christmas and new years party. Even if you stayed in at home I heard the fireworks were supposed to be good this year. I spent mine with the family and new years with friends at a pub.

Recently I have been playing a lot of CS:S and recently discovered the joys of Counter-Strike Surfing Servers. If you have not tried CS Surfing, it involves maps with large ramps that you strafe on ( aka surfing ) and use to fly through the air. Its confusing at first, but once you understand the basics and start to get the speed its great fun. Just look for servers running maps with the prefix of surf_

Theres a new comedy coming on to BBC2 that looks like its going to be funny called 'HyperDrive'. Its on next Wednesday ( 11th ) at 10pm, so if your in the UK definitely check it out 🙂