Hosting Move and Feed

The site has now moved to another host, hopefully you will find everything still working and up to speed.

One thing that caught me off guard is that it runs suPHP for protection which throws up a "Internal server error (error 500)" error if you have any php_flag in your .htaccess ( for magic quotes and error levels etc ). You have to remove these entries and use suPHP_ConfigPath plus a php.ini instead.

Im also please to say the automated feed system has been a success, over 30 servers have been added in the short time its been available, meaning more people can enjoy lgsl 🙂

Bringing order to Chaos

The LGSL support forum was getting a bit overun due to me having a lack of time to deal with problems and feed requests.

So I am pleased to say that I have created a new page where you can test your IP:PORT to see if its an LGSL or hosting problem. At the same time, an option is available to add the server to my feed, so you dont have to wait for my approval !

More details and a link to the page can be found in the LGSL stickied threads.

As a seperate note, if you are experiencing the problem of players not showing for Half-Life and Half-Life 2 based servers, please re-download LGSL and update your lgsl_protocol.php. Note although the code has changed, the version number has not.