LGSL Updated Again

LGSL-E107 2.6 and LGSL-SA 2.0 are now available

– Added: Arma: Armed Assault
– Added: Operation Flashpoint

Arma is by the makers of Flashpoint, you can find more info over at http://www.armedassault.com

It looks like it could be a good game, the only downside is that the Czech version uses Starforce aka StarfuckYourComputerUp, whilst apparently the German version does not. So im hoping the UK will not be tainted otherwise I wont go near it.

ECaptcha Update

Version 1.7 of ECaptcha Spambot Protection is now available.

The main point of the release is that some small changes were needed for it to work with e107 0.7.6 which has just been released. In case your wondering, yes it still works with previous e107 versions.

LGSL Updates are Here

I am pleased to say that LGSL-E107 2.5 and LGSL-SA 1.9 are now available

Most notable changes are:

– Battlefield 2142 Support
– Improved Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Vietnam Support
– Improved Americas Army Support
– Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Support

Along with new images and other reliability improvements, so recommend updating.

Thanks goes to =GUN=Bacon (http://www.geeksunitednw.com) who made a quick BF2142 hack available, which kept people from pestering me while I got on with my own coding 🙂

Eyeing Up Alternatives

I have long been an All Seeing Eye fan, but sadly since Yahoo took over, the updates have become less and less until they are now non existent.

The release of BF2142 and no ASE updates means I have had to look for an alternative, and an install of GameSpy Arcade confirmed its still an over skinned, butt ugly piece of crap.

So say hello to http://www.QTRACKER.com

While there is room for improvement, its still good and updated promptly. It is free and unrestricted, but regular users should look at showing their support by registering. If anyone has another server browser they recommend then post a comment 🙂

LGSL is currently being worked on, there are lots of improvements, and its close to being finished.