FileZilla 3

With coding and maintaining a couple of sites, im often FTP'ing around files.

For a long time ive the open source FTP client FileZilla version 2.

Having re-installed Windows, I was pleased to see that FileZilla 3 has been officially released.

More info and download at:

LGSL 3.1 Released

Small update with the following changes:

– Fix for FEED users where it says feed corruption instead of no players on empty server.

– Added optional code for contacting UT2003 and UT2004 servers using a newer style query.

( Newer query will not show password status, but has more detailed settings.
To use edit lgsl_protocol.php and change "ut2004" => "03" to "ut2004" => "13" )

– Updated launch links for crysis and ut3 now they are supported in the latest qtracker.

LGSL 3.0 Released

Version numbers for both the e107 plugin and the standalone have been synced at 3.0

A lot has been updated in this version, some bits that break things, so read on:

Game Changes

– quakew has been renamed to quakeworld to prevent confusion with quakewars.
– call of duty: united offense now has its own game type of callofdutyuo
– cnc has been renamed to cncrenegade and now works again.
– launch links now use {QPORT} instead of just {PORT}
– lots of the launch links have been migrated to launch

Script Improvements

– You can now put map images one level up in the game type folder.
– Code has been tidied to improve rendering time.
– Mixing up halflife with halflife2 is no longer possible.
– If the cache path is wrong, it now says not found instead of not writeable.
– Feed now supports CURL which some hosts provide instead of FSOCKOPEN
– Feed errors are more detailed for easier troubleshooting.

Games Added

– Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
– Unreal Tournament 3 ( Demo )
– Crysis
– Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
– San Andreas Multiplayer
– Multi Theft Auto
– Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
– IL-2 Sturmovik


To those who used the public beta and gave me feedback.
Releasing small changes certainly made developing in my spare time easier.
I hope you enjoy this full release.

Feed Changes

I have a cold, not feeling good, so curled up in my computer chair and did some coding.

I have created a new public feed system which no longer requires registration.

The feed has also changed hosts to provide a more reliable service.