The Future of LGSL

The current design of LGSL, where everything is split into Info / Settings / Players comes from its start as a simple Half-Lif script, however many of the games added since do not work in the same way.

The result is the same requests being sent multiple times, with data being discarded each time in order to fit into the Half-Life way of doing things. This is inefficient and makes expanding the design to add new features problematic.

The good news is in my spare time I have been working on LGSL v4, a complete re-design. With the new structure querying servers is more reliable, and makes it a lot easier to change how retrieved data is shown.

The plan is for LGSL 4.0 to come in four versions, Standard-Alone, e107, Joomla, and Nuke. All four will require MySQL and come with an admin area for managing servers. I have finished the protocols, the caching, and now working on the standard layout, before moving on to CMS specific stuff.

Release date for all this is expected to be some time February.