LGSL Idea for Joining Servers

Clicking the server IP launches either QTracker or the ASE, with some sites changing it to launch XFire, HLSW, Steam, etc.

Ive been thinking of ways to support them all, at the same time, so visitors can pick which they prefer.

A way this could be done is have server IP link to a separate page, containing links for all of the above, with the downside being its an extra click.

Do you think it would be good to add this ?

LGSL 4.3 Released

Here are the changes:

– Added: player sorting to zones
– Added: extra UT3 mutator information
– Added: option to show list totals
– Added: warnings when host has function restrictions
– Added: SQL table creation for old MySQL 4.0

– Fixed: UT2004 problems
– Fixed: Quake World problems
– Fixed: Quake 2 problems
– Fixed: incorrect image paths for some hosts
– Fixed: problem when php-nuke uses more than one db
– Fixed: feed not handling offline servers properly

Thankyou for the feedback, fixing stuff is hard without it 🙂

For people upgrading from 4.2, see comments for more information.

LGSL 4.1 Released

Here are the changes:

– Added Freelancer support
– Added Aliens VS. Predator 2 support
– Added GTR2 support

– Added check for .GIF map images ( when .JPG is not found )
– Added config option for hiding offline servers
– Added text to config for easier customisation.
– Fixed compatability with MySQL strict mode.
– Fixed admin login problem on stand-alone version.

Please re-apply any config changes to the supplied 4.1 config as it has changed a lot.

Thankyou for all your feedback 🙂

LGSL 4.0 Released

After a lot of work, the all new version of LGSL is ready for its first release 😀

There are so many things I want to say about this new version, but to avoid an essay length news post, here are things to know:

– Its not an upgrade ( e107 users UN-INSTALL v3.x first ! )
– Read the included README.txt
– Please give me your feedback, found something confusing ? let me know !
– The new forum is the place to go for help not covered in the README.txt
– You may need to rename your collection of map images.
– Did I mention you should read the README.txt ?