Site Changes

After putting up a paypal button, to my suprise people actually sent me a donation once in a while 🙂

All the coding here is done as a hobby, and the money has helped prevent hosting costs becoming a burden.

So as a little thank you those who donated, the side now randomly shows a donators name and website.

I kept all the paypal e-mails, so was able to back fill the names, but let me know if I am missing your website.

Also decided to try going Web 1.1 and give the site roundish corners, let me know if you think its better or worse.

LGSL 5.7 Released

File changes:

I decided to go through the code and improve UTF-8 Unicode support ( Non english letters and symbols )

This is not just how they are displayed, but also how they are stored, which importantly solves some MySQL problems.

Other issues were also fixed, and the feed system has been updated, so if you use the feed option, please upgrade.