GreyColorViewer 1.1 Released

This is a niche tool to help people with total colour blindness.

For more details about what it does, visit the download page:

Back story of its creation:

A good friend of mine ( Hi Pete ! ) is completely colour blind, in other words he views
the world as shades of grey. After looking at a pie chart, he told me his frustration
when things rely on colour coding.

Out of curiosity I converted various charts and maps to greyscale, and saw for
myself just how confusing they can become. See download page for examples.

I was disappointed at the few bits software available, they were either color pickers, hue shifters for partial blindness, no longer available, or just a pain to use.

So after various experiments and learning about how oddly we perceive colour, this little tool was born. Most importantly it was fun to make 🙂

LGSL feed back online

The feed server decided to go nuts, ate up lots of CPU, and was suspended by the VPS provider. I thought the virtualization software would have just throttled processor time, but apparently not. So after a clean O/S install, the feed is back online.

Just a note on an issue with memory usage, I found the install of MySQL 5.5 kept using about 300MB of memory regardless of buffer settings. Turned out to be the InnoDB module and after disabling it MySQL only used 20MB of memory, quite a difference.

To disable you need to be aware of a bug ( otherwise just adding 'skip-innodb' will cause the service to say it failed to start. Also remove any 'skip-bdb' entries.