LGSL feed back online

The feed server decided to go nuts, ate up lots of CPU, and was suspended by the VPS provider. I thought the virtualization software would have just throttled processor time, but apparently not. So after a clean O/S install, the feed is back online.

Just a note on an issue with memory usage, I found the install of MySQL 5.5 kept using about 300MB of memory regardless of buffer settings. Turned out to be the InnoDB module and after disabling it MySQL only used 20MB of memory, quite a difference.

To disable you need to be aware of a bug (http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=55608) otherwise just adding 'skip-innodb' will cause the service to say it failed to start. Also remove any 'skip-bdb' entries.

Printer Reset

To reset the SyncThru Web Service password on a Samsung CLX-9350 Printer:

Hold down buttons 1 2 3 while on the main menu screen.

SmartStart Issues

This wasted a good chunk of my time, so just incase it helps someone else.

File \$WIN_NT$.~BT\halaacpi.dll could not be loaded. The error code is 14

From trying to use HP SmartStart 8.70 to install Server 2003. SmartStart 8.60 works fine.

Some Technical Difficulties

First up, the LGSL feed decided to break, a reboot fixed the issue, but also notices that PHP had not upgraded.

Turns out that because Debian Squeeze has been released, I had to edit /etc/apt/sources.list
and replace stable with oldstable for the PHP repository. This seems like a stupid design to me.

Then for extra fun, this site also stopped working. Pages are normally gzipped before being sent for speed, but after the host did an upgrade it seems to have broken. So have turned off gzip encoding for the moment.

Appologies for forum neglect, have been busy at work and with life, and so don't have the mental energy to go
through them at this time, but will hopefully catch up after things quieten down.

DateDiff in C#

I recently switched from VB.NET to C# and found out there is no DateDiff function.

So here is a simple example of how to instead check the difference between two dates:

if (DateTime.UtcNow.Subtract(myFile.LastWriteTimeUtc).TotalSeconds > 90) myFile.Delete();

Note the use of .TotalSeconds and not .Seconds as the latter goes back to zero after each minute.

What's Going On

As you get older, priorities and interests change, and I am faced with what to do about this site.
At the moment it's a burden, all work and no fun, so I have ended up just avoiding it, which is silly.

So I am looking into options for the new year. I would like to make a new design, content based
around a forum, mixing technical and personal. But it is surprisingly hard to find an open CMS with
a good forum. Many bolt on a separate forum, others are poorly made or very basic.

As for my various downloads, I am looking at putting them some where like BitBucket.org so that I can
more easily do little updates, and others can track changes and optionally fork the code.

Dallery v1.8 Released

Dallery is a Download Gallery for e107. It shows download screenshots as a thumbnail gallery.

1.8 has fixes for the latest e107, thumbnails keep the aspect ratio and are better quality.

Printer Sharing Error

Had an annoying problem, where sharing a printer on Server 2008 R2 gave:
"Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed (error 0x000006d9)."

The cause was the Windows Firewall service not running, even though the firewall was turned off.

Feed Server Moved

I have moved the greycube feed service onto its own VPS ( a virtual dedicated server ).

This should speed things up and solve various issues people had recently with it.

LGSL 5.8 Released


New games, country flags, drupal version, and style fixes are the visible.

Behind the scenes, bug fixes, code improvements, and stuff for advanced usage.

This version requires all files, including the config and side blocks to be updated.