Some Plugins

PayPal Donate Menu 1.3 and PM Alert 1.1 are now available.

Check out the description on the downloads for more information.

GC Custom Login 1.3 is also out, this fixes that in e107 0.7.7 the way the plugin shortcodes are stored in the $pref variable has changed ( for the better ) which made it think the PM plugin was not installed.

Back from Holiday

Well I am back from Arinsal in Andorra, I had a good time learning to snowboard, and meeting new folk, Hi Steve and Sean !

When booking, all the photos were of snow covered buildings, but on arrival it was really warm, everything was green, and it only snowed for about 10 minutes during the whole of the holiday. Luckily they had snow making cannons which allowed us still to snowboard.

Photos were taken on a disposable camera, so will put them up when they are developed and stuck on a cd.

Holiday Time

Im off snowboarding in Andorra ( tomorrow.

Ive been skiing before, but this will be my first time snowboarding, so really looking forward to it, although I expect to be spending most of the holiday falling over until I give up and head down to the local pub.

So I will be unavailable to reply to forum questions until I get back in a weeks time 🙂