Map Name Cockup

A note to people who have already downloaded LGSL for BF2. When creating the map images, I accidentally left a capital S in the map fushe_pass, which will in most cases stop the image loading.

To correct this change fuShe_pass.jpg to fushe_pass.jpg

Note that the downloads have been corrected.

League Ranking seems to have changed their webserver configuration, so I have now released EnemyDown Rank v1.2 which corrects for this.

I also took the opportunity to tidy up the code, make it XHTML compliant, and update it ready for the e107 cvs.

More LGSL Updates

I know you having been looking forward to Battlefield 2 support.

I decided against just releasing a quick version using old code, as it only showed the players names, which is just crap. So ive been working on the new standard that gives the full player info. I also went through the levels and made up some nice map images.

Note that for BF2 its assumed that server is using the standard queryport of 29900 and you will need to use the overide section within the lgsl_protocol.php for anything else.

LGSL 1.8 E107 and LGSL 1.2 Standalone are now available

As a side note, if you use hostnames instead of an IP, conversion to IP is now off by default for speed. You can re-enable this at the top of the PHP code. This feature is also now included in the standalone version.

Hopefully I should be able to get in a few quality BF2 games before bugs start flooding in, look out for a guy called RichGC 😉

LGSL Standalone

LGSL Standalone v1.1 is now out and much improved

Now included is a module for showing the map images, which can be integrated into custom made page or another CMS.

You can see a demonstration HERE of it running within the CMS mambo.

Also back old half-life support ( use the gamename 'oldhalflife' ) and as requested, the 'network version' number is now returned for bf hl1 and hl2 although you will have to edit the code to display it.

I have also got BF2 support working, and that will be coming out in the next releases of LGSL (1.2SA and 1.8 e107).

Mystery Updated

Im glad to see after mysteriously expiring, is now back online

For those not familar with kquery, it a game server browser, kind of like the All Seeing Eye, but more than that, its developer section is a meeting ground for coders to talk about the latest game protocols.

Double Whammy

I have not one but two downloads of LGSL !

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away ( or what seemed like one ) I wrote some PHP code called HLSL. It was basic, but it worked, and it has lasted well. But the latest steam changes really have made it obsolete. So I have made a standalone version of its successor.

You can get LGSL Standalone v1.0 from the downloads section.

Also updated the LGSL the e107 plugin goes to version 1.7 since they share the base protocol code.

1.7 fixes the settings and player information for half-life 1 based servers, while being compatible with the servers not yet updated.

Also fixed several bugs which I found while doing the standalone version.

LGSL Standalone

This is something thats been on my todo list for a long time, but because of my love of, making a self contained version of LGSL has constantly been pushed to the bottom.

However, in between playing on the new Battlefield 2 demo, which dispite its flaws has got me hooked, I finally made a start on it, and have got quite far already.

You can check out a working in progress at

LGSL Update

Yes its here, grab a copy of LGSL 1.6 from the downloads section.

This fixes the problems caused by the recent protocol changes.

If you added sv_enableoldqueries to your server.cfg while you was waiting for the update, I now recommend you remove it.

1.6 is not just about protocols, it also has coding improvements, bugfixes, and new images, so make sure you upload and overwrite all the files, even if it does take a long time.

If you experience any issues after upgrading then be sure to let me know

I also plan to now make a standalone version of this since the very old HLSL standalone has been virtually made obsolete, and Half-Life 2 support is much needed.