Site Reloaded

For ages the site has always taking a backseat to coding projects, but there comes a point where things need to change.

So ive made up a new greycube theme, and ive even made up a flash banner to go with it, although my actionscript is a bit rusty so I shall be hopefully 'tweaking' it when I get a bit more time.

Now that the site is running on the latest e107 it means that theres more options available, such as registered members having the option of being emailed when someone replies to their forum post.

As for myself, im fine, work has been busy and combined with sickness spreading around, it takes a knock on your energy levels.

But on the bright side theres lots of cool news games out, ive been managing to finish off some more plugins for people, and with a bit of luck there will be more to come 🙂

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