More LGSL Updates

I know you having been looking forward to Battlefield 2 support.

I decided against just releasing a quick version using old code, as it only showed the players names, which is just crap. So ive been working on the new standard that gives the full player info. I also went through the levels and made up some nice map images.

Note that for BF2 its assumed that server is using the standard queryport of 29900 and you will need to use the overide section within the lgsl_protocol.php for anything else.

LGSL 1.8 E107 and LGSL 1.2 Standalone are now available

As a side note, if you use hostnames instead of an IP, conversion to IP is now off by default for speed. You can re-enable this at the top of the PHP code. This feature is also now included in the standalone version.

Hopefully I should be able to get in a few quality BF2 games before bugs start flooding in, look out for a guy called RichGC 😉

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