PC Problems

I have always found deskstars to be excellent, but I have been very disappointed with the latest hitatchi SATA deskstars as they vibrate like crazy,

When I then had some data corruption and XP intermittently freezing on startup, I decided so order myself a new Maxtor Maxline III.


The maxtor seems much better quality and hardly vibrates at all. But as it turns out the problems were not the fault of the deskstar. I eventually traced it back to the SW-IDE option within NForce4 drivers. After leaving this option off the problem disappeared.

Another issue I had was an Unknown Device in my device manager, with an id of ACPI\ATK0110. After a lot of searching, its a common problem with Asus A8N-SLI motherboards. You need to install the ASUS AI Booster software and that contains the drivers.

While ordering I also got myself more memory modules directly from crucial.com. I would of preferred to have just got an extra 1gb, but the NForce4 chipset is reportedly unstable with 4 modules, and it automatically underclocks the memory speed to 333mhz.


After re-installing windows, I was setting everything up how I like it, and noticed an option within Windows Media Player 10 has disappeared. Normally I untick "start in media guide" which gets rid of the annoying webpage loading. But now instead WMP10 starts up with your previous selection, which is infact far more useful.

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