RWar Update

A long overdue update to RWar, like lgsl I decided to put the more complex feature updates on a back burner and fix up the essentials.

RWar 1.3 is now available for download


– 0.7 squad / sides fix, since my bug has been qeued for over a month now, I decided to give up waiting and add in a workaround.

– 0.7 workaround for pages not redirecting due to core code having blank spaces, which messes up changing the header.

– Added dashes ( – ) to be allowed in custom map names, this is mainly for UT clans since there map names used them alot.

– Added back option to set the default IRC channel, handy if you find yourself entering all the time.

– Added icons and images from lgsl for new popular games, like bf2, dod source, farcry and swat 4, and updated images for existing games.

Now even more updates as of now:

– Fixed bug where using the 'add me' button could give a mysql error

– Increased maxlength for clantags from 10 to 20 characters

– Long Screenshot and Demo links will be shortened to avoid stretching the site.

– Screenshot and Demo section will not be shown if empty

– Changed to mysql_real_esape_string which respects different languages

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