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Looking at the recent news entries, you could be mistaken for thinking this was e107coders, so thought id take a moment for a more general post.

I hope you all had a good christmas and new years party. Even if you stayed in at home I heard the fireworks were supposed to be good this year. I spent mine with the family and new years with friends at a pub.

Recently I have been playing a lot of CS:S and recently discovered the joys of Counter-Strike Surfing Servers. If you have not tried CS Surfing, it involves maps with large ramps that you strafe on ( aka surfing ) and use to fly through the air. Its confusing at first, but once you understand the basics and start to get the speed its great fun. Just look for servers running maps with the prefix of surf_

Theres a new comedy coming on to BBC2 that looks like its going to be funny called 'HyperDrive'. Its on next Wednesday ( 11th ) at 10pm, so if your in the UK definitely check it out 🙂

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