Holiday Updates

Ive been feeling burnout recently, the usual problem of working with computers, then trying to find time at home to bugfix, code, mod, can become overwhelming. To top it off ive had to give up alchohol and limit the caffeine for medical reasons, both a programmers friend and things I loved, which has not helped at all.

Im off on Holiday tommorow, and im really looking forward to it as a week away, to unplug, chillout, and hopefully be able clear my head. But before I go, two updates:

eCaptcha 1.5 is now out, finally tracked down the code problem which allowed some posts to bypass the checks, and improved the button mode so its a worthy alternative.

GC Emoticon pack now has an 0.7 XML file, so instead of overwriting the default emoticons, which can get lost in an update, you upload grey and yellow folders and simply activate 🙂

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