LGSL 3.0 Released

Version numbers for both the e107 plugin and the standalone have been synced at 3.0

A lot has been updated in this version, some bits that break things, so read on:

Game Changes

– quakew has been renamed to quakeworld to prevent confusion with quakewars.
– call of duty: united offense now has its own game type of callofdutyuo
– cnc has been renamed to cncrenegade and now works again.
– launch links now use {QPORT} instead of just {PORT}
– lots of the launch links have been migrated to launch qtracker.com

Script Improvements

– You can now put map images one level up in the game type folder.
– Code has been tidied to improve rendering time.
– Mixing up halflife with halflife2 is no longer possible.
– If the cache path is wrong, it now says not found instead of not writeable.
– Feed now supports CURL which some hosts provide instead of FSOCKOPEN
– Feed errors are more detailed for easier troubleshooting.

Games Added

– Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
– Unreal Tournament 3 ( Demo )
– Crysis
– Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
– San Andreas Multiplayer
– Multi Theft Auto
– Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
– IL-2 Sturmovik


To those who used the public beta and gave me feedback.
Releasing small changes certainly made developing in my spare time easier.
I hope you enjoy this full release.

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